I think the technical bods at Marin have been very busy with R&D. Rather than metal and carbon, I can’t help but think they’ve been experimenting with genetic engineering. Somehow, they’ve managed to mix a fluffy little kitten with a freight train and they’ve created something stunning; the 2018 B-17.

I was lucky enough to be at Swinley Forest recently on a solo ride and the pre-production B-17 was available. So, I switched my SR71 Blackbird for the all new heavy hitter, the B-17. Swinley Bike Hub had a few of the top of the range ‘three’ models and my word, do they look stunning! A raw finished aluminium frame housing a 120mm Rockshox super deluxe shock within their acclaimed MultiTrac platform, Vee Tire Co Crown Gem 2.8” tyres with gorgeously retro gum walls, Sram GX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain, SLX brakes, 2018 Rockshox Pikes with new charger damper, KS Lev dropper post and a whole host of other perfectly paired components.

All of this sits around boost spacing front and rear and 38mm internal diameter rims, leaving you feeling sturdier than Hulk Hogan sitting on Andre the Giants shoulders. Planted does not even begin to describe the feeling of the B-17.

I mean, for the love of all that is holy, look at it and tell me it doesn’t throw you back to the good old days of dial up internet, brick phones and global hypercolour t-shirts:

In case you can’t tell, I was won over by the looks and price of this bike as soon as I saw it. At a touch over £3k, it, like many other Marins, is superb value for money and like a Rogers DAB radio, manages to blend a mix of retro and modern together – again, engineering (genetic or otherwise) at its finest!

They’ve always been one of my favourite brands. I’ve owned 2 Mount Visions from 2008 and a 2010 Attack Trail, all with the beautiful quad link suspension design that worked flawlessly and my wife has the 2017 Hawk Hill, so they definitely hold a special place in my heart.

However, the past few years have seen Marin quite possibly reach the pinnacle of their designs to date. With the eye-catching Wolf Ridge, the ever-reliable Mount Vision and now the B-17, they’re winning the hearts and minds of mountain bikers worldwide.

Anyway, enough of the rose-tinted reflections and back to the bike. I’d already done 12 miles on my bike in the morning in some nice weather, so the legs were feeling ready for a tear up on the B-17. I headed out to the sweeping trails of the forest to hit some berms and gauge grip from the beefy plus tyres. I’d not been convinced of plus bikes before now, but I’m now absolutely sold on them. It was genuinely like being on rails, with confidence in the corners running at an all-time high. The Vee Tire Crown Gems easily hold their own against the competition and I felt more at home on these than the Maxxis Rekon or DHF plus tyre.

I tested a large frame and it was absolutely spot on for me at 186cm/6′ 1″. The ride felt compact despite a long toptube thanks to super-short 435mm chainstays, which gave it a positively aggressive stance that begged you to push the bike to its limits. The feel of the bike in general was sublime, with everything working in unision. Roots felt like twigs, braking bumps were a thing of the past and the ‘hummmmmmmmmmmm’ of the tyres when riding between trails kept me smiling all day. Even when the British Summer decided to do one and the rain came in.

Still, a bit of rain meant I got to sample the bike in some new conditions and I’m pleased to say that not once did the B-17 miss a beat. Whilst I was getting soaked (protip – if you have a waterproof jacket in the car, take the damn thing with you), the B-17 remained faithful and powered through newly developed ruts, mud, slop and anything else it was confronted with.

Although I only managed to get in another 12 miles on the B-17 before I resembled a prune and had to call it quits, I immediately felt like I belonged on this bike; a feat only managed by a few other bikes before. I cannot fault the B-17, nor can I fault Marin for what they’re doing; breaking boundaries and pushing limits. Other bike manufacturers take note; this is how you make a fun to ride, great to look at bike at an equally pleasant price.

If the ‘three’ is out of your budget, there are two further models to choose from, both with some great kit and colourways. The range starts from approximately £1600, so very much entry level contenders and, in my humble opinion, quite possibly a bike of the year contender.

If I had the spare funds, a B-17 three would one hundred percent be gracing my mancave. Sadly, a bathroom renovation is apparently my priority according to the better half (you can all booooo her if you want), so I can only hope that Marin find a spare one behind their R&D sofa that they simply don’t want anymore and feel kind enough to donate it…

Big thanks as always to the team at Swinley Bike Hub for being so accommodating and getting me on board this beauty of a bike at such short notice. They really do go above and beyond and prove that customer service and the independent bike shop is definitely not dead.

Stay tuned to the Marin website to see full information very soon and, if you have a spare £3k burning a hole in your pocket and you’re looking for plus sized perfection, you will absolutely not go wrong with the B-17. I genuinely couldn’t speak higher of this bike if I tried.

Until next time… Stay Stoked. Stay Stealth.