Hey, I’m Ian, founder of Stealth Riders.

Back in March 2016, Stealth Riders came to be as a platform to share my first year of racing in Enduro events in the UK. If you have a read of some of the race reports, you’ll see that whilst I’m never going to climb onto a podium (barring some form of miracle, which I’m cool with), I found a passion for telling a story about the experience.  ​

To put it simply, I’m here for a few things; to stay stoked and to stay stealth. I ride a stealth black Bird Cycleworks Aeris, which is slowly becoming more stealthy by the day. It’s an insanely fun bike and is the one that has developed me as a rider more than any other. It’s created friendships I’m extremely grateful for and has given me opportunities I never thought possible.

So yeah, I’m staying stoked and staying stealth for sure. That said, Stealth Riders isn’t just about one bloke and stealth black bikes; it’s a home for anyone that rides under the radar, silently through their favourite trails, stealthily like a predator hunting it’s prey. You, my friend, are a Stealth Rider already.  ​

Since the beginning and with the support of some fantastic friends both inside and outside of the industry, incredible family and my ever loving wife, I’m stoked to say Stealth Riders has evolved to become more of a community, offering up reviews, insights, epic merch and much more.

Excitingly for 2018, a group of like minded shredders are supporting the SR movement and I’m stoked to have them on the team. We’ll be at as many races as possible throughout the year, so keep an eye out for Alfie, Charlie, Phil, Barry and myself at a race near you soon.

I’m happy you’re here to share the experience, I hope you find something you like and I look forward to welcoming you back as a regular.

If you want to get in touch with any questions, if you’d like me to demo and review your product, or anything else, just get in touch via the contact page.