I’m Ian, great to meet you.

I’m a man of simple pleasures. There’s nothing more that I enjoy than getting away from the madness by heading out into the wilderness on my bike for some grin inducing trail riding. There’s something so satisfying about pushing yourself on a bike that I’ve found hard to replicate with any other hobbies I’ve tried.

I started Stealth Riders as I wanted an outlet to share my experiences in 2016 as it was my first venture into Enduro racing, where I competed in all 4 rounds at the Southern Enduro, as well as the Swinley Forest Enduro. 2017 and onward will see racing, blog posts and reviews of bikes, products and kit plus more; I’ve got big plans for Stealth Riders in the long run, so stay tuned.

I ride a custom Bird Aeris in stealth black (standard!), which is an all round trail weapon. Bird Cycleworks are a local company to me, who offer both factory and bespoke builds and really do produce some stunning full suspension and hardtail bikes. Their service is some of the best I’ve ever encountered too, which certainly goes a very long way in this day and age.

You’ll usually find me either over the Surrey Hills or Swinley Forest, so be sure to say hi if you see a bearded goon in all black out and about!



I’m married to my awesome wife Emily and have been together for a long time now, with happiness growing each year. She’s the latest addition to the Stealth Riders crew, having picked up her 2017 Marin Hawk Hill recently. Emily will be looking into the world of mountain biking from both a beginners and female perspective in a dedicated ‘#Emduro’ series of posts throughout the year.

img_4739emduroWhy ‘Stealth Riders’?

It’s not just about me riding a black bike and wearing pretty much all black when I ride. I want to build a community of fellow shredders from every background, every ability and every style of riding. Those that leave the forest and trails as they found them, those that slay berms smoothly, silently and stealthily, with military precision and those that, like a hungry lion looking for a kill, carefully pick out their route of attack to achieve their end goal. For the lion, that’s a tasty Zebra rump. For you, fellow Stealth Rider, that’s the feeling of nailing your favourite trail perfectly, no matter how fast you get there.  Granted, sharing stories on a blog with the word ‘Stealth’ in it isn’t very covert, but hell, it’d be a pretty boring site if I kept quiet!

With a background in travel and IT marketing, I thoroughly enjoy writing engaging articles and creating appealing e-shots. In fact, I also do some freelance copywriting in my spare time, so get in touch if you’re in need; I may just be able to help out.

Thanks for checking out Stealth Riders, I’m stoked to have you as a part of it and look forward to welcoming you back.

Ian @ Stealth Riders


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