Hello, 2018!

Well hello there! It’s been almost 2 months since my last post and that is ultra-slack, so sorry about that. Life has been absolutely batshit crazy recently, so here’s a quick update as to why the posts have been missing.
Firstly, November to February in the travel industry are notoriously busy. There’s a lot of conferences, events and parties and I am lucky enough to be invited to some great ones. In November, the firm I work for had our overseas conference in the stunning Monte Carlo, which saw 450 of our members attend. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe it, but with speeches from sporting greats Sir Clive Woodward and Sir Lee Pearson, I left tired, yet insipired.
Next up was a whirlwind 24 hours in Birmingham for our homeworker’s Christmas party. A 4am departure and a 3am finish left me rather tired, but hell, it was worth it just to pose like an idiot for one picture! After that, our own work Christmas party and a Christmas lunch hosted by the AWTE (Association of Women Travel Executives).. yes, I am well aware I have 100% too much manjunk for that to make sense, but it was a superb event.
Then there was Christmas. My in-laws arrived from Spain and stayed with us for three weeks over the festive period, which was amazing and it was great to catch up, but I was working at the same time so ended up very short on time to write as I wanted to get out and burn off the sickening amount of food I was consuming rather than tap away on a keyboard!
On that note, I’ve been busy testing some great new bits of kit. I realised recently that a lot of my reviews have been for high-end products, which are out of reach for the ‘average’ cyclist, myself included. So, I want to take it back to basics and have been trying out some entry level kit.
Firstly, I’m stoked to say that the team is to be supported by Vee Tire Co in 2018; a UK brand with an amazing range of tyres. They’ve got their entry level Fluid/Flow tyres and I picked them to test out first. At £40 for the pair (yes, you read that right!), they’re insanely good value for money and a 60km New Years Eve ride in typical UK Winter weather was a brilliant way to give them a thorough thrashing. I’ll be getting a write up out on them very soon, although they’re not listed on the site anymore, it’ll hopefully help give reason to why you don’t always need to spend £60 per tyre!
Next up, the 7idp M4 helmet, which can be picked up for an astounding £25 online at the moment. My old Bell Super 2R had seen its fair share of abuse, knocks and sweat, so it was time to trade it in for a fresh model. First impressions on the M4 are great; comfy, masses of ventilation and a perfect fit. I’ve also got their M1 full face to test, which I’m pretty stoked about!
I’m also doing a long term review of the Specialized Atlas kneepads and I’ve got some Imprint grips to put on the bike soon, plus a few other little bits, so plenty of good, wallet friendly reviews are coming your way soon.
I’ve not been out riding as much as I’d like, but there’s reason for that coming in a moment. The rides I have done however, have been epic, including the most awesome Swinley Bike Hub annual Christmas ride, which saw around 100 riders get dressed up and take to the trails, and a brilliant solo ride where I became one with nature and made a friend on the trails…
The reason I’ve not been riding as much as usual is because I’ve done something a bit stupid. At my work Christmas party, I drew my CEO for secret Santa. Now, what do you get a CEO of a company, who happens to enjoy his fitness, as a gift? I pondered over a few options and settled on getting him an entry into the Fleet half marathon, taking place on March 18th this year. But, to show solidarity, I decided to sign up too! I’ve only been running since September, so am hoping my bike fitness will see me though… so far, so good though!
I’m super stoked that four of my work colleagues have also signed up too, so there’s going to be some great team spirit on the day! I’ve been out training as much as possible and today (13 Jan) managed a commendable 15.3km trail run. As you may know, I ride in the Adidas Terrex Trailcross Protect shoes and absolutely love them. So, when choosing some trail runners, I went for the Terrex Agravic, which have Continental tyre soles for insane grip. The soles are even modelled on the Trail King tyre, so stick like glue. I even bumped into the friendly local cow herd, chilling in a field. A big moo to you, brothers!
I’ve gone veggie too, as I’m on a bit of a health kick and the most surefire way to keep me out of Burger King is to drop meat altogether, and I have to admit, I’m enjoying finding new meals to cook and am feeling better for giving meat up too. Christmas was a challenge (RIP pigs in blankets), but there’s some very tasty alternatives for vegetarians these days. Don’t worry, this is all you’ll hear on that matter!
Meanwhile, whilst I’ve been switching wheels for runners, the team have been out and at it. Charlie has picked up a stunning Santa Cruz and is on absolute fire at the moment, tearing up the Surrey Hills as only he and his crew know how. Barry and Alfie have been shredding Windhill, Woburn, Rogate and anywhere there’s loam and again, are both getting in a great way for the 2018 season. PG has been doing all he can on the bike and has an even more hectic life than mine at the moment, with some very exciting things coming up for him! Check out the team page here for links to their Insta accounts!
We’ll be getting in some team rides soon too, so I’m sure there’ll be some wicked footage coming up, but for now, I’m going to focus on getting some reviews sorted, running my arse off and looking into some new merch for you amazing bunch of people.
2018 is looking bright and things seem to be calming down a little with work, so it’s time to give the brand and the team the attention they deserve. The same goes for you. The fact you’re reading this means the world to me, so I’ll continue to do what I can to keep things fresh and to stay stoked. If there’s something you’d like to see, drop me an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll see what I can do.
Until next time (which will be sooner than 2 damn months, I promise!), cheers.
Ian @ Stealth Riders


June 22nd is a date that will always stick in my mind. A few things have happened on this date in recent history. In 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. In 1986, Maradona scored the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal in the world cup quarter finals.  In 1958, Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell was born and in 1969, Wizard of Oz actress Judy Garland passed away.
On that date in 2012, I tried inflatable sumo wrestling for the first and last time. It was a glorious evening and I was at a work summer party. Drinks were flowing and there was a ton of fun shit to do. So, after a few free beers, the challenge of inflatable sumo wrestling was laid down and the bravado of drunken lads came out, myself included.

I stepped up, climbed into the inflatable suit and faced up against my buddy Jon. The ref signalled the start of the bout and we smashed into each other, each gaining a point by getting the other out of the ring. The third and final round came up and I was feeling good; I’ve got this, it’s time to be declared the champ. You could liken the atmosphere to the recent Mayweather vs McGregor clash, with drunken cheers from all sides. I went in for the kill, but my buddy had seen my move coming and, fuelled by booze, picked my fat arse up and body slammed me for the win.
It’s at that exact moment my body hit the ground that makes this day memorable. Not because I lost, but I felt a bit of a ‘pop’ when I landed, then struggled to get up. “It’s just a combination of the becks and admitting defeat”, I thought. I managed to get through the rest of the evening and went home, ready to nurse a savage hangover for the weekend.
Saturday morning came and I was in agony. I’ve got a high pain threshold and I was in tears just trying to get out of bed, so I knew something was, to quote Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, fucky. After a week off work in serious pain (the typical man thoughts of ‘meh, it’ll go away’ were in full swing), I was forced to the doctors. After a quick check, I was told it was probably some muscle damage, was told to take some ibuprofen and was sent on my merry way.
Things didn’t get better and I was back at the doctors a few days later in even more pain. I’m talking ‘can’t put your socks on or have a piss without shedding a tear’ kinda pain. I persisted and was referred to the hospital for a scan. After waiting what felt like forever, I was told I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back (L4/L5 and L5/S1). Great.

Why am I posting this? Because it’s at this point I was told to give up cycling. I admitted defeat and eventually sold my bike, resigning to the fact that cross stich or extreme netflixing was to become my hobby of choice for the rest of my days.
I went from 3 rides a week to simple physio and ditched a balanced diet for mostly Papa Johns, so the weight ballooned. I hated life and the pain in my back was unbearable, so the doctors prescribed me with a repeat prescription of Tramadol and told me to take up to 8 a day. Now, anybody that has experienced Tramadol will already know, but hooooooly shit. Imagine floating through life without a care in the world. Tramadol is an opioid, along the lines of morphine, which essentially blocks the pain to your nerves. Whilst this helped me forget the pain (and pretty much everything else around me), it didn’t solve the problem.
Persisting with the doctors, I was finally booked in for an op… nearly two years after the fateful day and after two years of taking ridiculous amounts of Tramadol. March 19th came around and the last thing I remember on the morning of the op was a nurse spraying something very cold on my arse, then I was out like a light. I should clarify too; when I say op, it was a caudal epidural, which is effectively a very strong steroid injection directly into the spine. I came around and remember talking shit with the nurse and going home the same day.

Things were still sore, but I was given a great physio who was also a cyclist and he worked absolute wonders. I came off the Tramadol with huge difficulty (2 years of daily opioid taking had left me hooked, which fucking sucked) and slowly started to feel more human again.
It’s at the point of working with the physio that cycling came back into my life. He asked me to set a goal, and I chose to compete in a race. We focused on core exercises to strengthen my back and general core and, after a few months, I began to feel myself again. Granted, I was out of shape and super fat (topping at 17st at one point), but it was time; I needed a bike in my life and I went for a pure XC machine from German direct sell manufacturer Canyon. The Nerve 120 put a spark back in my life that had been missing for 2 years and I was complete again.

From there, I rode with a smile every time. I met increasingly more people that I’m stoked to call my buddies and I changed the Nerve for the much more enduro Bird Aeris. More importantly, in late 2015 I was feeling back to my full self and entered the 2016 Southern Enduro series, of which you can read about my crap results in earlier posts. But fuck it, I’d achieved my goal my physio set me and I wish I could thank him now. Without his help, I’d probably be an Olympic cross stitcher, but not a cyclist. However, I cannot remember his name, and I hate myself for that, but, random physio, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve made me myself again and I am forever grateful.
Thankfully, all this time later, my back is feeling much better. There’s occasional pain, but with the right exercise (mountain biking, duh), life is more than manageable and I’m stoked to sling my leg over my bike every single time.
I write this now as I’ve not yet raced in 2017, choosing to only race one event; the Swinley Forest Enduro on the 17th September. My diet has been awful and I’m not anywhere near as fit as I’d like to be, but I don’t care. Just a few years ago I was told I’d never ride a mountain bike again so, regardless of my result, I just cannot wait to get involved and be amongst friends and like minded shredders at what is sure to be an incredible event. If you’re there, give me a shout; I look forward to seeing you. If you’re hunting a podium then good luck. If you’re there for the vibes, enjoy. If you’re just there to shout and cheer, then be loud.

There’s five things this post may help you out with in terms of advice:
1 – You can do anything. Injuries heal and, with the right support, you can get back to your old self. I know some rad riders that have arthritis, false hips and many other ailments but, with the correct attention and treatment, they’re out there amongst it, shredding with the best of them. You can do it too.
2 – Take the offer of support from your friends and family. Immerse yourself around those that want to help and develop you, helping get you, back to you. If it wasn’t for them, I may have just given up completely.
3 –  Whatever you’re doing, have fun doing it and remember to keep smiling. Never give up.
4 – Set yourself goals that, at the time, you may think are unrealistic and unattainable. Then go out there and smash that goal. Everybody has it in them… as Shia LeBeouf once famously said… “Don’t let your dreams be dreams.. JUST. DO. IT”.
5 – Don’t bother with inflatable sumo wrestling. It fucking sucks.
Stay stoked, see you at the Swinduro,
Ian @ Stealth Riders
Ps – I’ll leave you with point 4 above. Enjoy.

A wee update

Hey everybody,
So once again I’ve been super slack with posting, but there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I’ve been busy with my gorgeous wifes birthday and then had some family visiting from overseas; my Ma from the US and my bro and his family from Poland, all of whom I’ve not seen for a few years, so I’ve been spending some quality time with them (which included getting my bro and bro-in-law out on some bikes to shred the Swinley Forest trails).
Secondly, I’ve been busy having some conversations with a lot of people with regards to some exciting upcoming things. I won’t say any more at this stage but trust me, it’ll be worth the lack of posts!
Third, I’ve been working away on the merch side and again, having some great conversations to increase the selection of goodies to offer you amazing people. The great news is, sticker packs will shortly be available to buy, and I’m waiting on a few other things which I’m so stoked about. But, back to the stickers for now, as everybody loves stickers. Once again, I’ve used the brilliant Stickers-Decals-Graphics to produce them.
Mike at SDG is amazing and understands things first time as he’s a bit of a shredder too, so I can’t wait for them to arrive in the coming days. There will be 5 different stickers per pack, available in both black and white on a transparent background. So, once they hit the SR store, get involved and stick them wherever you can.. your bike, car, lid, cat, nan.. anywhere! Pop them on Instagram and use #stealthriders for some sweet, sweet karma! Here’s a preview of the stickers (ignore the pink lines, they’re cut lines so will not feature. These are also not to scale):
All stickers will be sized to be bike friendly, you’ll be pleased to hear! Stay tuned for the post on Instagram to let you know when they’re on sale. As with everything, there will be a limited stock, so you’ll need to be quick!
I’ve also been busy with getting tees posted out to everybody that has ordered one. A huge, sincere thank you to you all – you’re the ones that are here at the beginning and hopefully for the long run, and each and every one of you is a legend in my books. Whilst there’s many more of you rocking tees, here’s a few shots of some of you heroes:
On top of that, I’ve been working on an ambassador programme, where I’ll be doing all I can to support 5 riders through 2018. Each month I’ll be calling out for a shredder and August saw some incredible entries. In the end, the first #teamstealth ambassador was chosen for his insane skills for such a youngster.. welcome Charlie Waller! You can check out his bio here. If you were wondering who the featured image is, that’s Charlie himself.
Everybody who entered in August will go into the draw for September, but you can still enter too; stick to the Instagram page to see the next call out and get involved. Whether you’re stepping on podiums or propping up the bottom, or, if you’re not racing and just love to ride any discipline, Stealth Riders is looking for you. Remember, all you have to do to be in with a chance is #staystoked when you’re out on two wheels.
The icing on the cake is I’ve been drafting some reviews of some smaller bits, as I think it’s worth sharing my views on some ace accessories. These will be up soon, once I’ve got some worthy shots!
Oh yeah, and I’ve been riding as much as I can in between all of this and the day job… the 2017 Swinley Forest Enduro is coming up very soon, so I’ve been trying to cram in a few miles in preparation for that! It’s the only race I’m doing this year as I have other commitments, but if it’s anything like 2016, it’s sure to be an absolute blast and I can’t wait to get involved, regardless of the result!
I’m stoked for the journey ahead and look forward to keeping you all updated on happenings as and when I can do so.
Until then,  peace out.
Ian @ Stealth Riders

Fleet MTB Group Survey

Hey y’all,

As you know from my last post, I’m currently working on a new website, which is coming on beautifully! However, I’m also helping out some good mates over at Fleet MTB Group with a survey they’re running, and would love you to have your input. There’s nothing up for grabs for the online survey (although if you can make it to the QECP Southern Enduro on 23rd July you could win an Apple watch courtesy of FMG!), but your voice matters, fellow shredder!

The survey link is below, and you’re awesome in advance for completing it!


Again, thank you! Your email address will not be shared with any third parties, although the dudes at Fleet MTB Group may drop you a note on a rare occasion to give an update in regards to the survey.

The guys also have some super cool jerseys, the first batch has just dropped  and the second order has been placed. If you want more info on getting in on their third run, give me a shout via the contact tab in the menu.  Costs are £55 per jersey (I  wear a large at 187cm and 86kg).

I’m heading back to work on the new website for now, stay tuned (and for sneak previews, keep an eye on the Stealth Riders instagram stories)!


Ian @ Stealth Riders


Please note – whilst there is no prize on offer for completing the online survey, if you wanted to have a read of the T&C’s for the Apple watch competition available to paper based entrants at the first two Southern Enduro rounds, you can do so here.

YT Rolling Circus / Tues CF Pro ride

Swinley Forest is home to some great trails and the team at Swinley Bike Hub arrange some incredible events too. The #Swinduro, the recent Fox Proframe demo day, regular night rides and BBQ’s, to name a few. From May 5-7, it was no different and I got to channel my inner Gwin… YT Industries had come to town on their ‘Rolling Circus’ tour; a global showcase of the YT demo fleet of Jeffsys, Capras and the Tues.

Of the 10 European stops, 3 were in the UK and I was stoked when I heard one of the venues was Swinley. I booked the day off work immediately with the intention of rocking up and trying all 4 models on the day.

The 5th came around and due to an X-Ray appointment in the morning, I didn’t arrive at Swinley until around 10.30. Boo. By this time, the queue was pretty beastly due to the huge demand of trying out the models from the direct sell German brand, so I chatted with a few of the crowd and then went for a ride on some other bikes in the hope the queue would die down.

Sadly, although the queues did quieten down in the afternoon, I didn’t get the chance to try either of the Jeffsys or the Capra which was a shame, but the vibe on the day was superb; chilled beats, smiling riders, an ever tasty BBQ and the hub had some great products on sale from Fox and Dakine (two of my favourite riding brands), so I was kept entertained even when off the bike.

If you know Swinley, you’ll know that, whilst a brilliant trail centre with something to cater for everyone, a downhill venue it is not. That meant the 2016 UCI World Cup winning Tues was not in as high demand as the trail and enduro bikes. So, Swinley team rider Michael Wilson and I had a chat and before we knew it, we were picking up some jaw-dropping, super stealthy carbon Tues models; Michael took the large £2,870 CF,  with Rockshox Boxxer and Kage shock, whilst I took a new for 2017 XL sized, £3,380 CF Pro, equipped with Fox 40 and X2 shock. At 6’1″, the XL felt perfect.

On the large CF model.

I should add at this point, I have never ridden a downhill bike, so immediately I was impressed by the ultra plush seemingly endless travel… and that’s just taking the bike for a quick warm up around the green trail (possibly the most overkill bike for a green trail ever!).

The CF Pro is dripping with choice components. From the E*Thirteen LG1+ wheelset, cranks and cassette (7 speed, 9-21 ratio), the stealthy carbon frame (203mm front and 208mm rear travel), carbon Renthal fatbars and Integra 35 stem, this bike felt absolutely indestructible, whilst also being a thing of beauty.  Impressively, the CF Tues weighs in at a very modest 35lbs too! Super slack angles, 650b wheels (we’re still waiting to see if 29″ DH is the next big thing… roll on Fort Bill) ensured that the bike is planted, grippy and railed. All in all, quality kit, quality looks and all at a quality price.

Measurements wise, the XL has a top tube of 647mm with a reach of 470mm. Chainstays remain the same across the size range at 435mm, as does the head angle at an ultra slack 63.5 deg. With a wheelbase of 1258mm, it’s around 60mm longer than my Aeris, so nothing too drastic which helped me adjust to the bike very quickly.

The CF Pro

Although the bike was light for what it is, it’s hardly the right bike to ride uphill (duhhhh…). Conveniently however, Tristan had hired a Toyota Hilux for the weekend… so, Michael and I hopped in the back and were treated to a VIP experience; Swinley Forests inaugural shuttle service!

It was a bit of a surreal experience, getting driven to the top of a trail in style – Michael ran a live Facebook video to document the experience, which was a great laugh!

We got to the top of Blue 14 and tried a couple of runs on the DH monsters. Simply put… they flew. I know this trail very well and feel I know every bump, rut and hole. On the Tues, it was like riding on an F1 track.. buttery smooth once again, but great fun too! After a few runs of the trail, we headed to the woods to mess about on a hidden drop, which has a few lines of varying size. Here’s a little clip of Michael and I doing what I think may be my biggest drop to date:

I was stoked to have hit that line, as I love the feeling you get when you know you’re progressing. Big thanks to Michael too for the encouragement. We headed back after a brilliant little session on the Tues models for a burger and a catch up. All in all, a top day, even if the queues were rather long, which did leave a few hopeful testers a little frustrated.

The Tues feels like an insane bike and something I would love to own. However, it is absolutely overkill for anything I am likely to ride for now, although would be a good laugh at places like Bike Park Wales or Forest of Dean. I’ll admit, I am still tempted by a downhill bike to add to the stable though, and I don’t think I’d go wrong with a Tues CF. After all, if it’s good enough for Aaron Gwin, surely it’s good enough for little old me! Again, it’s a thing of beauty to look at, especially in the gloriously stealthy Pro guise, with full black everything! Perfect for Stealth Riders worldwide!

Whilst I was disappointed with not being able to ride the Jeffsy models and the Capra, overall, the Rolling Circus was a great event. Tris and the team ensured it was superbly organised and the YT guys were awesome, helping with any queries, getting you set up on the demo bikes and also offering out some mega tasty beer (thanks to Kia at the hub, I got to sample a fair few of these!).

The tireless efforts that the team, shop staff and ambassadors put in to ensure everybody has a good time is, at times, unreal. They always manage to take a huge event and make it incredibly personal, as though you’re one of the team or an old mate catching up for a chat. It’s hard to explain, but their ethos is about getting rad. You don’t have to be the best or the fastest, you just need to have a great time. That is Swinley summed up.

Back to the bike quickly, the YT Tues is a formidable bit of kit, capable of much more than I am. However, if you like your trails rocky as fook, rutted to hell and steep as a cliffside, this is absolutely the bike for you. I hate the term, but the ‘cockpit’ looks sooooo nice too. The little touches such as the placement of graphics helps remind you that you’re riding a world class downhill bike, guaranteed to leave you smiling for hours after every single ride.

It’s no wonder YT are gaining more and more market dominance year on year. Their formula of producing killer looking, flawlessly performing bikes and matching them with some of the best riders in the world is working very well and YT bikes are becoming the machine of choice for a massive amount of riders globally. The Rolling Circus has only just begun, so by the time they’ve finished the world tour, there will no doubt be thousands of happy new members of the YT Mob, ready to shred their local trails with a massive grin.

YT,  and Swinley, thank you for having me and treating me like a VIP on the day. I felt truly humbled and incredibly grateful, you’re all amazing. I’ll sum the event up by stealing YT’s tagline: GOOD TIMES.

Until next time, catch you later.

Ian @ Stealth Riders



SDG Custom Decals (#glitterbitch)

So if you follow the Stealth Riders Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been showing off something new with a little bit of sparkle on the stealth machine. I didn’t need any new decals as I’ve only just got my new RockShox Lyriks, but when Fox from South Coast Suspension shared a post from a company called Stickers – Decals – Graphics, it caught both my eye and attention.

Along with your standard replacement decals, SDG offer custom designs in some incredible colourways including a wide range of coloured glitter, oil slick chrome, rainbow, camo and many, many more. There was only one choice for me though, which was stealth black glitter.

I dropped SDG a message on Facebook at around lunchtime on a Wednesday a while back to see if I could get some custom decals for my fork and shock and Mike replied very quickly to say that custom decals weren’t an issue, nor were some stickers. We chatted for a bit and by Wednesday night at around 10.30pm, Mike had sent over a few designs and we agreed on one. Bosh, super speedy service!

Below are some of the rough drafts sent over to show placing and cut lines, so you get an idea of the process:

I paid Mike the next morning and by the Saturday I was in possession of my awesome new decals. Custom design, print and delivery in a matter of days is absolutely unreal, so I was massively impressed with this!

SDG don’t just do fork and shock decals, they offer a whole host of options including wheel and frame decals and 100% custom jobs too. They also offer a load of goodies outside of the MTB world, so be sure to check them out or get in touch for full information.

It’s worth mentioning that pricing is brilliant too. It’s best to get in touch with SDG directly for any custom quotes, but for a whole bunch of stickers, 2 sets of fork decals and some rear shock decals, I was very happy with what I paid.

The quality is fantastic – high grade black vinyl and a glossy laminate are standard (both gloss and matt options are available) and the glitter is smooth to the touch, one slight hesitation I had with ordering. Removing decals can be a pain, but I found it surprisingly easy and application was a piece of cake. Aesthetically, the glitter is subtle enough to go unnoticed in the black guise, but if you’re a colour lover and opt for something other than black, these will stand out in an incredibly good way. I like the subtlety though, as it invites people to take a closer look at the bike, creating a talking point (as you can tell, I like talking bike).

I was also interested in seeing the decals being created and cut, so Mike did me a solid and recorded the whole thing, including a few test runs of some standard stickers. The video is below, check it out if you like that kind of thing (raw sound included):

The final result in video form is below. I used low light and my camera phone to give an idea of how they’d look on a night ride (and also how they’d react to light):

Do the decals make me faster? Nah, but just LOOK AT THEM. Mike has managed to get the Stealth Riders logo into the fork decals and rear shock decal which is incredible. They shimmer in the sun and sparkle at night and yes, I’m starting to sound like I should have my own Disney movie but whatever. Some of my trail buddies have started calling me princess since I fitted them, but I think they look super cool and add a touch of individuality to a bike.  Hell, I’m stoked to be the #glitterbitch of the trails.

A few close ups:

Point is, they look awesome and if you’re looking for something a little different, get in touch with SDG today and see what magic they can work for you. This may have been the first thing I ordered from SDG, it most definitely won’t be the last. Although it’s a picture heavy blog post, even this many photos don’t do the real thing justice. Take a punt, give them a shout and see how good they are for yourself.

Catch you soon,

Ian @ Stealth Riders


Interview: Scott F – Southern Enduro

To many in the South of England and further afield, he’s a man that needs no introduction. Husband, father, racer, builder, and organiser. This is a man that has taken the Enduro scene by storm, creating the epic series that is the Southern Enduro.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Fitzgerald recently to have a quick chat about all things Enduro. Like his namesake, he’s written a fantastic story so far and the future is looking bright for both him and the Enduro scene. With the departure of the BES in 2017, local ‘grass roots’ events look to be taking the lead and setting a precedent for what a race series should be; competitive but with a familiar, friendly vibe.


I only met Scott last year, answering his call for volunteers to help shape one of the courses for the 2016 series. Milland in Sussex was the venue for both the first and last round and it was unbelievably good fun; the rain had brought the mud to race day, but in certain sections, Milland was also reminiscent of the ‘brownpow’ segment in the amazing film UnReal. Since then, he’s become a good mate, so a catch up was very much welcome.

So Scott, how did you get into organising the fantastic Southern Enduro series?
It all started racing the fantastic UKGE races. Then, in 2013 the QECP Enduro was born. In 2014 I added the QECP day and night Enduro. In 2015, riders were asking for more races, the obvious choice was a series and the Southern Enduro was born.

What’s your best memory from the 2016 series?
It was actually digging at the Milland venue! It’s still hard to believe that we built 4 stages from scratch in 7 months, absolute madness and what a venue it was!

With the 2017 series kicking off in June, which round are you most looking forward to?
The two new venues! I have fond memories of racing DH at Okeford hill bike park (the old UKBP) on my Dialled Holeshot hardtail. Then Pippingford Park; this venue has massive potential and in the future, who know, it could make a great 2 dayer Enduro.

What makes the Southern Enduro stand out from the competition?
I would say the at atmosphere. The Southern Enduro team all race Enduro too. You can tell, we all love it!

If it’s somebody’s first Enduro, what advice would you offer? 
Get in the fun category and enjoy your day. There’s no pressure in the fun category, you’re all in the same boat. Make some buddies and give it your best.


Any insider info you can give racers for any of the upcoming rounds?
Yep! Okeford bike park – go on a uplift day there, is cheap as chips and a really good service. Ride every trail there 🙂

Also, get signed up for the Southern Enduro Champs! It honestly is one of the best places I have ridden in the UK!

Who can we expect to see supporting the 2017 series?
Transition Bikes, they have been a great headline sponsor for the series. You can also expect to see Bird Cycleworks, D&D cycles, Sussed out Suspension, Solent Cycles, Airport Autos and Pedal Addiction. On top of that, some great food and a well-deserved pint will be available at the venues.

How about you, where will we see you and the QECP Team racing in 2017? 
We will be racing lots of Enduros in the UK, some in France and the local DH races from Gravity Project.

When you’re not organising races, where can we find you on the bike? 
Mainly QECP digging and riding. I also have a soft spot for Hindhead, the trails there are insanely good fun.

What’s your favourite pre and post ride fuel?
Water and granola for pre-race. For post-race, I really shouldn’t say beer, but beer.

I’ll certainly drink to that! Massive thanks to Scott for taking the time out to have a chinwag. If you’re interested, you can check out the Southern Enduro site here. The 2 day champs event is set to take place in April with very few remaining spaces left, so sign up here and get involved!

As a taster in addition to the above, here’s the man himself talking through the 2017 series:

All photos are courtesy of Big Mac Photography, who (along with many other great photographers) will be ever present at the series, taking outstanding photos. Don’t worry; if you ride as badly as me, this is a man that can make you look good!


I’ll be at the Southern Enduro in some form, whether it’s racing or marshalling (or chatting shit trailside to Scott and the series sponsors), so be sure to say hi, or listen out for some shouts of encouragement!

Until next time, cheers,

Ian @ Stealth Riders