Stealth Riders is looking for ambassadors! It’s early days, but we’re looking to get a crew together of like minded shredders that want to represent the brand. You don’t need to be the best, win at every race or nail everything first time. Predators are stealthy in their hunt and attack full on. We’re looking for that; passionate riders that give it their all, regardless of the outcome.

All we ask is that you represent the brand with pride and carry on doing what you’re doing; Staying Stoked in whatever you do. Whether you’re hitting up the local trails or lazing at the weekend, we just want you to share and spread the love with your own crew.

What can we offer you in return? To begin with, a place on the Stealth Riders ‘Crew’ page, some exclusive discounts on future products when they launch and some sweet, sweet karma in the form of shoutouts on Instagram too.  There’ll be more benefits later, which we’ll update our crew with as and when they happen.

We’ll be keeping things small to begin with; 5 ambassadors will join ‘Team Stealth’ through 2017, ready for the 2018 season to kick off. Be it racing or purely riding, we want to support your journey through the year, whatever you’re doing.

Interested in the chance to being part of the crew and want to know how you submit your entry? It’ll be Instagram based, so stay tuned to the @Stealthriders Instagram page for full details.

Until then; Stay Stoked.