I recently had my first crash whilst wearing my new Bell Super 2r, so figured now would be a good time to review it. Granted, it was only a small wash out, but my head made contact with the ground. Here’s how you fall off at a very slow pace:

Choosing a helmet is a big deal, and there are so many out there that the choice can become overwhelming. Strangely, what sold me on the Super 2r, was Star Wars. With the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens in 2015, Bell ran a limited range of helmets with custom Star Wars colourways. The Super 2r had the option of Boba Fett or Stormtrooper graphics. I seriously wanted one, but was disappointed to find that they were initially US only exclusives, which sucked. Hard.

super-2r-starwars_mt-boba-fett_r2_1 super-2r-starwars_trooper-f

Ah well, chin up. As I couldn’t get the Star Wars versions, I placed my order for the ‘aggression’ model; matt black, with a white stripe in a medium (55-59cm)… it’s a well-known fact that racing stripes increase speed 1000% (ok, so this may not actually be true).

The helmet arrived and I immediately took it out around Swinley Forest for a trial, leaving the chin guard in the car. First impressions were great; the Bell is lightweight (just 775g with chin guard) and extremely breathable thanks to outstanding ventilation (32 total, including brow and chin guard vents), yet still offered brilliant coverage to ensure rider safety is paramount. Bell have thoroughly tested this too, so the Super 2r conforms to the CE EN1078 and CPSC Bicycle safety standards.

IMG_1974 IMG_1975

For most of my day to day riding, the chin bar isn’t required, but as it’s so easy to switch between full face and open face, it remains a permanent addition in the back of my car, or strapped to my backpack when venturing to unknown trails, just in case. 3 ratchets similar to ski boots keep things secure, and it takes less than 30 seconds to remove or install once you get the hang of it.

IMG_1982 IMG_1983

There’s great adjustment options too – their trademark ‘TAG Fit’ system at the back is great to ensure optimal fit, and the chin guard has removable cheek guards if it feels a little tight, although they do bed in after a while of use. One potential downside for seasoned riders, is that the Super 2r comes with a buckle fastener, rather than a D-Ring. For me, it’s that little bit quicker to unbuckle, but if you’re set on a D-Ring, you may want to consider the MET Parachute instead.

The MIPS inner shell

One great selling point of the Super 2r is that it comes with a 1-year subscription to IceDot. Simply register online and pop in your details, and, in the unfortunate event that something bad happens on the trails, first aid responders will be able to text a number to retrieve all of your details; emergency contacts, allergies, medication etc. It’s an invaluable piece of kit and gives both you and your loved ones confidence that you’re safe no matter what.

The one downside I’ve discovered (and it’s probably my fat head), is that the helmet isn’t quite as comfortable as some of my other helmets I’ve owned previously.. I’m comparing to a 661 Recon and a Fox Flux, if that helps. That said, comfort for one may not mean comfort for another. It’s perhaps the MIPS, but knowing it gives an additional layer of safety is worth a minimal reduction in comfort in my opinion.

Aesthetically, it’s extremely pleasing to the eye, both in half and full face variants, with my model being a smooth matt black and white. Other models offer a gloss finish, but any model you choose will leave you looking cooler than a Polar Bears undercarriage when you’re out smashing the trails, that’s for sure.

Goggle fit is also great in both half and full face options, and the peak is super adjustable, allowing you to rock that ‘enduro’ look if that’s how you roll. I use a set of 100% Accuri goggles (the stealthy Defcon1 model), and there’s not been one slip up to date.

The Bell Super 2r has been a fantastic helmet through the Winter months and I’m sure, with Spring having arrived, it’ll keep me well ventilated on the warmer rides I’m waiting patiently for.

IMG_1986 IMG_1985


A comfy, breathable, secure helmet that is perfect for everyday use, bike park shredding and uplift days thanks to its removable chin guard. If you want a versatile, do it all helmet with some great features and additional safety measures, look no further.

Available in a number of colours and sizes to suit any needs, RRP prices start at  £189.99 with MIPS (but shop around and you can get a cracking deal).


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