RaceFace Indy D3O Kneepads

I’ve had these pads for a few months now, covering around 3-400 miles of trails and races, so it’s given me a good idea of what’s in store for a long tie to come, which is all day comfort and confidence inspiring protection.

From XC to World Cup DH, the British Columbia based brand offer a huge range of apparel, components and clothing, with something to suit everyone.

I’m a bit of a RaceFace fanboy admittedly, with their Aeffect cranks, narrow wide chainring and 800mm Atlas 35 bars gracing my Bird Aeris, all of which have proved incredibly reliable over the rugged British terrain. The only item of theirs I’ve not got on with were their Half Nelson grips as I prefer a softer compound, but I know I’m in the minority there.

Anyway, after a recent wash out over the Surrey Hills (embarrassingly, exiting a great run onto the road) which caused my Dainese Trail Skins to slide down my leg at the worst possible time, I decided it was time to reconsider my knee protection options. I must add, the Dainese were great whilst they fitted, but I’ve slimmed down since I picked them up, so they were probably a little loose for me.

IMG_4238 IMG_4221

Specifically designed for the Enduro scene, Race Face’s Indy knee guards use a layer of D3O foam at the front to provide knee and upper shin impact protection, which is flexible when moving, but hardens on impact to absorb the damage. The guards slide on and have an elastic cuff at the top and the bottom, as well as a larger adjustable elastic strap at the top of each leg for fine tuning the fit. Silicone grippers at the upper and lower cuffs help keep them from slipping and moving around.  They’re a very slim fit, so be sure to check the size chart before buying.

Photo: Harris Photo
Photo: Harris Photo

They did take a little getting used to, and I found the upper cuff occasionally rolled down a little causing some of the fabric to bunch up behind the knee, but after some adjustments, I found the sweet spot and have so far had no more issues.

For all day riding they’re feeling great so far, allowing a huge range of movement, which is a far cry from the hard shell, plastic offerings from years gone by. They’re nice and light too, with a Large size weighing in at around 325 grams, so you barely notice you’re wearing them and there have been no issues with overheating either.

IMG_4335 IMG_4453

IMG_4451 IMG_4452

These pads will surely keep my knees happy on many rides to come, leaving me to ride safe in the knowledge that any impact my knees take, the Indy pads will do a great job in offering exceptional protection.


Once you get the pads in place, you’ll be in for a comfortable, hassle free ride. Lightweight and great looking, these are well worth considering if you’re looking for reliable protection from a top brand.

RRP £44.99