Welcome to the page for Team Stealth. Below you can see the #TeamStealth riders that we’re both proud and stoked to have on board and support. As with everything, this page will grow to feature a small but diverse set of riders, all ready to fly the stealth flag in the present and future. Go give them a follow on Instagram and give them some props if you see them out and about.

Charlie Waller

Age category: Under 18’s

Location: Surrey

Riding For: 3 years

Favourite Place To Ride: Surrey Hills

Favourite Riders: Olly Wilkins, Brendan Fairclough and Danny Hart

Insta: @charlie.wallermtb

We’re stoked to have Charlie on the Stealth Riders team. Having been riding for such a short time, yet throwing up some serious style already, Charlie is absolutely one to watch… not just for the future, but for the next race he’s at. From monster step-ups and one handers over some huge jumps, he’s not afraid to drop in, nor is he afraid to get stuck in to some challenging races. Podiums await this one for sure!

Alfie Gale

Age category:  Under 18’s

Location: Berkshire

Riding For: 10.5 years

Favourite Place To Ride: Anywhere with dirt

Favourite Riders: Ratboy, Brendog, Bernard Kerr, Matt Jones, Emil Johansen, Phil Atwill

Insta: @alfiegale.mtb

Alfie is a surefire slayer on the trails, having  been riding since he could walk. With a good number of years of racing experience behind him (as well as an MTB crazy family), there’s nothing  but good things coming for Alfie. We are insanely stoked to have Alfie on the team for 2018 and we’re looking forward to supporting him on the trails and at the races. Welcome, Alfie, you’re going to be a star.


Phil Grundy

Age category: Masters

Location: South Coast

Riding Since: 11

Favourite Place To Ride: Surrey Hills, Morzine

Insta: @philgrundy

I first met Phil in January this year when he needed to borrow a pump whilst he was shooting a video and since then we’ve become good mates, hitting the Surrey Hills up as much as possible. Phil is one of the nicest blokes I’ve met and it he just so happens to be both rapid and stylish on a bike, so I’m stoked he is representing #TeamStealth for 2018! It’s like fear goes out of the window when he hits the trails; scoping a huge gap once then committing, or taking a super sketchy line and making it seem smooth as butter, the ’18 race season is sure to be an exciting one. If you want to watch the video Phil was filming, check it out below:

Barry Gale

Age category:  Vets

Location: Berkshire

Riding For: Ever

Favourite Place To Ride: Windhill, Rogate, anywhere there’s a good feature!

Favourite Riders: My boy Alfie

Insta: @Dirty_mtb

Barry has been riding for a long time and it definitely shows. His confident style on the bike is a pleasure to watch and we’re yet to find something that he won’t try! Barry is also Alfie’s dad, you can usually find them cheering each other on and racing each other down trails. We’re stoked to have Barry on the team as he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, which he’s happy to share in his trademark chilled out way.


Ian Sutton

Age category:  Masters

Location: Hampshire

Riding For: 20 odd years

Favourite Places To Ride: Surrey Hills and anywhere with tight singletrack and loamy turns

Favourite Riders: The lads in the team; Alfie, Charlie, Phil & Barry, and the Fleet MTB Crew.

Insta: @Stealthriders

You can read all about me in the ‘About’ section anyway, but surprise surprise, I like riding bikes. Not for the race results, but for the laughs, the rush and the social aspect. As the Team Manager, I’ll be racing here and there, but am mostly in this to support the amazingly talented riders you see above you as they’re the ones to watch for sure. They’re the real heroes, oozing with style and flow, so  give them a follow and shout some encouragement when you see them out and about!